NIFCOMotion Control Devices


motioncontrolMotion control devices are not related to the motion of the vehicle, but the controlled movement of parts within that vehicle. A damper is something rarely seen or known of by the driver of the vehicle, but they are there smoothing the motion of parts within the vehicle.



In 1979, Nifco invented a small gear damper for Sharp cassette players. Cassette players are no longer installed as standard in new vehicles as technology has moved with the times, but we now supply dampers as part of complex functional assemblies – for example in the complex assemblies of our own kinematic products.

Dampers form a core part of the Nifco business across the globe.

We produce a wide range of dampers in a variety of sizes, torques and even colours – all of which are dependent on the requirement of the customer and final product. Our dampers are available in a wide range of sizes and torques suitable for most applications.

Utilising our vast experience in the automotive component industry, we have incorporated unique technology for greater accuracy and insensitivity to temperature change.

In addition to our wide range of dampers, we can provide a vast assortment of Push Latches, in sizes to suit all applications. We apply our superior expertise and technology for improved robustness and G-sensing, preventing unintended operation in the instance of vehicle impact.

  • Latches
  • Dampers
  • Air Dampers for glove box application with consistent opening speed regardless of load.