Fasteners are the bedrock of the Nifco group. Fasteners were the key part of the business from its beginnings as Nippon Industrial Fastener Corporation which gave us the name we know today – NIFCO. The business has been developing and supplying thermoplastic fasteners since 1967 and has continued to supply millions, if not billions of these parts since then.


In 1967, Nifco first introduced plastic fasteners to Japan’s automotive production lines. Over the next 50 years, Nifco has contributed, through its creativity based on its originality, and its mastery of technology ranging from mould production, injection moulding, to assembly processes, and has responded to the diverse needs of the market year by year.

There are literally thousands of varieties of fasteners which have been designed and manufactured over the history of the business ranging from panel clips which hold the interior of the car door to the exterior shell, to pipe clips which secure the pipes and tubing which transports fluid around the vehicle – a wide ranging commodity type.

Although the majority of fasteners are still produced in Japan by Nifco Inc, our parent company, fastener production still accounts for a vast proportion of the UK business.

With global design, development and support capability, Nifco UK can supply special purpose, application specific fasteners to meet your individual needs.

Examples of fasteners:

  • Push Rivets
  • Panel Clips
  • Pipe Clips
  • Door Glass Holders
  • Screen Grommet
  • Hole Plugs