Dynamic Assemblies

kinematicKinematics is the name given to parts which are assembled including a controlled movement device – which are also manufactured at Nifco UK. Typically, these parts sit within the interior of a vehicle but are classified as a separate commodity entity due to the complex nature and motion of these products.


One of the most recognisable kinematic products produced by Nifco UK is the chrome coated ashtray assembly which was designed and manufactured for Jaguar. This complex assembly also includes a series of motion control dampers which ensures that the movement is controlled and fluid.

Nifco’s kinematic expertise can be integrated into complex full assemblies. Our kinematic parts are manufactured as a series of individual components which are then assembled by highly skilled operatives, using the highest spec equipment and tooling.

Nifco incorporates innovative solutions to create smooth movement and functionality for all your interior needs.


  • Cup Holders
  • Console Boxes
  • Ash Tray
  • Sunglasses Holder
  • Grab Handles