Nifco UK interior products are the most recognisable to the non-automotive layman. In most cars produced in the UK, you would find an interior part made at Nifco in Stockton on Tees – you are highly like to see them in cars manufactured overseas too.



We have been creating high quality, functional, simple or complex interior parts for almost 50 years and from the seatbelt cover which governs the rider’s safety, to the speaker grill which supports some of the best sound systems in the world – Nifco is an expert in the automotive plastic interior commodity area.

From single mouldings to complex assemblies we can design, develop and manufacture quality interior trim solutions.

In recent years, Nifco UK has moved into the field of painting and coating for products which require a gloss finish, and to achieve this we have partnered with some of the leaders in painting and coating to share best practice and know-how. We also develop low gloss finish components using our own processing, material and tooling knowledge.

Nifco supplies interior products all over the world, for example:

  • Instrument Panel Components
  • Grab Handles
  • Seat Belt Covers
  • Corner Covers
  • Headrest Guides
  • Speaker Grills
  • Light Bezel
  • Kinematic Assemblies
  • Tambour Doors