Research & Development

Nifco UK has one of the four Nifco Group global R&D centres and the only European centre.

The facility was opened in 2014 and recently benefitted from further investment with the addition of:

  • Investment in a 3D FDM Printer for prototyping
  • Investment £300,000 in laboratory test equipment
  • Investment of £750,000 in a Dynamometer Engine Test Cell


The Nifco UK research and development facility has an in-house dedicated R&D team consisting of technical specialists, design and development engineers.

Paul Chapman, General Manager of Design, Research & Development, currently sits on the advisory board for the school of Science & Engineering at Teesside University.

Composite Oil Pan:

Structural aluminium upper part (‘Ladder’) – JLR’s responsibility

Thermoplastic Composite Lower Part – Nifco & Du Pont replaces

Sound Deadening Steel pan


Benefits of Thermoplastic Composite:

Reduced weight compared to Sound-Deadening-Steel Pan (~0.8kg)

Greater oil volume and better impact performance compared to conventional glass filled thermoplastic

Better acoustic performance than steel pan


Design of Safety Critical Parts:

Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) Valve support bracket, 83k units p.a.

Substantial weight reduction compared to original design

Supports weight of valve without failure

Meets requirement to break in event of crash to prevent intrusion into footwell – to prevent driver injury