Nifco UK Receives Ford Q1 Award

NIFCO ADMIN     8th October 2021

We are delighted to receive the prestigious Q1 award from Ford Motor Company for Nifco UK consistently exceeding the stringent quality and delivery standards required of Ford’s component part suppliers.

Paul Reynolds, Ford’s Senior STA Engineer, complimented the Ford team at Nifco UK on their hard work and how they had turned operations around, which has meant Ford were able to present the Q1 award once again.  As a Ford Q1 recipient he was delighted to also hand over the Ford Q1 flag to the team.

Jim Casey, Managing Director was proud to receive the award, which will be displayed in Nifco UK’s trophy cabinet, but what he really wanted was to get his hands on the Ford Q1 flag.  He is adamant that the Q1 flag will fly constantly at the Eaglescliffe site as a reminder of Nifco UK’s achievement, but also that the standard will be sustained and most importantly will also improve.

Jim Casey praised the contribution from the Ford team at Nifco UK who are responsible for the design, development and manufacture of products for Ford Motor Company.

The Q1 award is testament to the team’s hard work in achieving and maintaining the high level of customer service required by Ford across all of our disciplines, and, it puts us in a great position to continue to secure work from Ford for the future.