Mike Matthews Column: A Colossal General Election

Erika Marshall     15th June 2017

On Thursday, the nation will weigh up hours, days and weeks of debates, and make its decision about who is right to lead this country.

This campaign, more than any I can recall, has come down to two leaders.

In fact, a key tactic of the Tories has been to talk Theresa May and not mention the C word. This is an election about leadership.

Do you elect ‘the difficult woman’ Theresa May, or do you mark your X in the box for man of the people, Jeremy Corbyn? The important thing is to remember that leaders cannot run a business – or a country – alone.

At Nifco, I am one of a number of leaders, each of which contributes to the business. Every team member shapes our business and defines what Nifco is about – what it stands for. A political party is no different.

Despite the personal politics, what cannot be denied, whatever your political position, is that for the first time in a long time, there is a very clear difference between our two major parties.

Far be it for me to tell people how to vote on June 8. This is a matter of personal choice and of principle.

But what I would like to do is to urge people not to waste their vote and to make it a priority to get to a polling station and have their say.

Read the manifestos. Understand what all of the political parties are about. Make this a vote based on what’s important to you, not just about whether you like May or Corbyn.

On June 9, a new political term will begin.

Brexit is one of the issues that has featured prominently in this campaign and of course, it will be a hugely significant part of our leader’s job.

But a part of it, it is. Read the policies and work out what else matters to you – who best represents the issues closest to you and your community.

Only then will we appoint a Government that really does represent the wants and wishes of the nation.